Why Indian women are different

I have lots of friends, and they treat me as a kind of strange guy. They know that my taste in various things like girls, cars, or style of clothing is a little different than theirs. So they think that I’m strange guy, but at least they try to understand me.

So they ask me, why you like this, and why you don’t like that other paticular thing. Like for example with the girls. My friends frequently ask me what is so special in desi girls, and why I love them so much.

My answer is simple, and I will say it once again. Indian girls, as this is the desi girls real meaning, are simply amazing.
They have beautiful dark skin and brown eyes, they are exotic and sexy and when they are married, they know how to behave like a good wives, and they know how to treat their men good.

Chat With Hot Indian Girls

On top of all that, they are simply sexy. It’s kind of rare. That Indian girls would ever be fat or with fake artificial tits, like many American girls for example. And yeah, desi girls also know how to cook, which is a real must for every woman, in my opinion at least.

It’s been really long time, since I was in India. I met there few hot Indian chicks, yet our contacts got lost after all these years. So now, these days, I simply visit some chat rooms to get what I want.

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